8AM - private client
8AM is a luxurious high-end renovation. The design of this apartment renovation showcases the perfect blend of form and function. The client's requirements for a comfortable living space were met through the collaboration of the contractor, architect and the client. The result is a high-end, luxurious renovation that provides a unique experience for the occupants. Located in the heart of Milan, Italy, this two bedroom, three bathroom apartment features special design elements that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. The architect paid attention to the mix of space and function, ensuring that every area is optimized for practicality and comfort. In addition, the renovation prioritized the preservation of the experience and feelings of the occupants. The use of high-quality materials, attention to detail, and incorporation of modern design trends creates a timeless space that is both beautiful and functional. Overall, this apartment renovation is a testament to the benefits of collaborative effort. The combination of the contractor's expertise, the architect's vision, and the client's needs produced a space that provides unparalleled comfort, functionality and luxury.
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In architecture, layering of elements and materials can create a unique atmosphere and color scheme. By combining different materials like fluted glass, champagne-colored aluminum sliding doors, marble slabs, painted walls, and oak floors, architects can achieve a serene and sophisticated aesthetic. Earthy color tones, such as greys and beiges, can add to the peaceful ambiance. Ultimately, the layering of materials and colors in architecture can create a harmonious space that is both visually appealing and emotionally calming.
The design of an entrance sets the tone for the entire experience, and it is important to make a good first impression. The use of stone slates and oak furniture, complemented by warm white lighting, creates an inviting atmosphere. An antique wardrobe adds a touch of character to the space, while the latest home automation technology from bticino living now ensures that the hidden LED strips can be adjusted to enhance the feature walls without any distractions. With this thoughtful design, the entrance becomes a memorable and welcoming introduction to the space.