APPI - Architecture for People, Progress & Innovation

APPI puts people first. 
Architecture is at the service of people, we believe in our client’s dreams and we make them true. 

Nicoletta Brancaccio

Architecture is the theatre of human life. I always approached my work asking myself: who’s going to dwell my projects once they become reality?who are the actors of the scene I’m designing? Should it be my dream that comes true or their dream? After graduating at Polimi with a thesis conceived in Paris, I moved to Hong Kong where I understood what Architect I want to be and where a longest path started. I am investigating what wellbeing in the

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Niek Meijer

Niek Meijer is a highly experienced architect and building engineer who has spent much of his career living and working in some of the world’s most vibrant and diverse cities, including Delft, New York, Hong Kong, and Milan. This breadth of experience has given Niek a unique perspective on the many different ways in which humans dwell and the many challenges and opportunities presented by each location. Throughout his career, Niek has been driven by a passion for finding innovative

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Davide Sandri

DAVIDE SANDRI Davide Sandri is a highly experienced building engineer and architect who has spent the past 15 years helping clients bring their visions to life. Throughout his career, he has developed a deep understanding of the complex bureaucratic processes involved in these fields, and has helped countless clients navigate the regulations and requirements that must be met in order to successfully complete their projects. Davide is passionate about assisting clients in organizing their desires and ensuring that their aspirations

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We design wellbeing in the built environment


PEOPLE are our main focus and our inspiration. We start from them and their dwelling needs. We analyse their backgrounds, culture making sure that our project is the best answer to their biggest issue: a place which inspires WELLBEING.


Life is itself a continuously mutating process,  we are always aiming to something newer, faster, better. PROGRESS is the only answer to all the changes we are surrounded by and a good project must be able to foresee, elaborate and build.


Once all the needs and the new dwelling types  are satisfied a project is worth to be called so: Project (from latin projectum) means to throw forth  on the ground, to foresee, to INNOVATE in the name of human life experience.