Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

APPI – Architecture for People, Progress & Innavation, is an office founded in 2007 with the mean focus on the architecture. APPI has been involved in multiple projects and designs in Italy, The Netherlands, France, New York, China and Hong Kong.

Our Principles

Designed with the people and location in mind


We from APPI are concerned with the environment of the people, it is for them who we try to create the most perfect athmosphere. A space that is fitted to the needs of the people and the relation with the surroundings. Taking in account their wishes and personal needs is one of the main starting points of our designs and projects.


Architecture is a constand moving aspects, surroundings and the needs of our people are changing. We are not only studying this continiuous movement, we try to be ontop of it by prodicting it. Spaces are not the same as the where 30 years ago, and spaces are not the same in Europe as they are in Asia or America, we from APPI try to for see and actively react on this.


The the constand movement of our people and environments, we try to come up with new ideas and creations. We are connecting the new needs with the mean architectural aspects. This means that we have to walk surtain paths that have never been taken before, this means that sometimes we impress by doing the things that are not conservitive. The innovation parts of our creations and designs can be seen in the smalest details or in a more global approach.​

I am going to try not to just list my skills and competences,
but instead give you more of an idea of my professional pro le. I’m an Italian Architect, living in Milan and working here since April 2015. I graduated at Politecnico di Milano, and
I conceived my master degree project in Paris, at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Val de Seine”.
I worked in Italy and Hong Kong as Architect and I have experience of projects in France, Turkey, India, China and Macau.


I would like to introduce myself from a professional point of view, I am a registered Architect in the Netherlands (European professional title), after graduating in Delft, I got experiences in Amsterdam, New York, Hong Kong and recently in Milan. I have been involved in several projects in all the scales both in NY and HK and, coming from a family of builders, I mixed the interest in design with the one in construction details. I worked on a few projects in Milan in the residential and fashion field.