BS-13 - private client
This project in the Brugstraat concerns the renovation with the extension of an existing house. The composition in the main facade is based on rectangular shapes which try to keep a visual harmony between the windows, the doors and the facade itself. In order to match the new design, the entire interior layout has been changed. The house had to be completed following the contemporary ecological standards.
The client bought a fifty years old house, located in the middle of the town, that had the chance to be enlarged through an extension. The aim of the project was to renovate the existing building, adding an extension that was connected physically and in terms of architectural language.
In order to provide a good spatial relation between the existing part and the new one, the internal layout has been completely changed. During the design process, one of the key element has been the relation with the city, apertures were studied in order to exploit the bene ts of the strategic location in terms of view and lights, with a particular attention to the privacy of the more private spaces of the house.