Office Milano

Niek Meijer
Architect & co-founder of APPi.

Via Voghera 9, 20144, Milano

Please see download link for the latest cv

Architecture has been the highest challenge for me so far, it brought me from my town in the east of the Netherlands, first to Delft than to Amsterdam and New York, Hong Kong and Milan as latest stop. My job that I prefer to call my first passion, gave me the chance to move, improve and discover. I like to bring my small but growing experience in what I do, translating people and society needs in a solid and touchable statement. I tried to build a stable stage of knowledge and experience around the world to make my mind flexible and ready for the new challenge.
Architecture for me is the consequence of different factors, but also the preview of what is next. A single building can change a scenario, improve the city, answer to important social demands.